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About Strange Stories

Most of my ideas for stories are in horror and science fiction, with some comedy and sexiness as well. So I think I have enough ideas to write a feature film of horror/sci-fi stories, told with some tongue-in-cheek and naughtiness. I’m calling this “Strange Stories” for now.

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Journal 2023-03-07

I’m currently writing a horror short story about a haunted elevator, called Floor 49. As well as scary, it is also satirising big corporations. I’ve recently written a series of flash fiction stories; the screenplay versions will be included as a collection of Strange Stories. Floor 49 will be included…

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Journal 2022-08-16

Anything creative is therapeutic to me, even if it is just some simple words like these. These are both acting and writing requirements: Describe the scene in detail. What is he seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching. What is he thinking? What is his emotional state? What does he want? What…

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Journal 2022-05-29

I read my words and find myself bursting out in laughter. I’m not sure if it’s because of quality or embarrassment. Bring life to the page and the page to life. The best way to spot typos and other errors is to read the words out loud. It slows you…

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Journal 2021-11-12

I’m writing the flow of what comes into the imagination, without constraints or thinking too hard about how its coherence and construction. After a while of doing this each day, it amounts to a body of work I can then review, edit and refine. I’m hoping to finish a first…

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Journal 2021-10-16

The seven standalone short stories are: The Outer View, Night Fire, All The World’s A Stage, Human World, How I Became Prime Minister, Doomsday 1066, The Viewer. A combined version ties them together as a novel. Each of the seven short stories have an adapted screen time of about 45…

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Journal 2021-10-13

I’ve gone through phases of mainly focusing on, in turn: music, songwriting, singing, and artworks. The next up is writing, then performing what I have written. None of the activities are switched-off. It’s just I start to feel pulled more in a different direction. Random Thoughts: I’m winning at being…

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Journal 2021-09-26

Books, pen, pencil, paintings, guitar, piano, tea, coffee, flowers, trees, animals, peace, love. Writing 50 threads within a theme, each comprising 1,000 words. Random Thoughts: The tender beauty in your eyes is my breathing. Experienced reality is an interpretation of the senses. Acting is imagination.

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Journal 2020-11-14

I’ve been writing a thought a day here for the previous few days. I will flip now to an actual pen and paper because the closeness to the handwritten words feels more personal to me.

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Journal 2020-11-10

I add to a file any interesting little phrases that occur to me, removing them later on if used in a song or other writing; for example, I just added: “A lived life transcends its genre.” In retrospect similar phrases may grate on the ear with cheesiness, but if I…

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Journal 2020-11-07

Writing a screenplay for a romance story… it’s a bit sexy! I might develop it into a novel later, if I can make the time.

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