The Scar that Burns

A flame burns its might

In a crystal ball

In your warm gaze

In your gentle glow

Simmering over now

Above and below

We can heal our wounds

With every caress

You lay on fire

Your heart to undress

In our arms

We find our peace

A place where we

Find our final release

A spark ignites the night

It’s in your tender touch

That I find my love,

Your comfort and trust

It’s in this moment’s flame

That we can heal again

The scar that burns.

Within the Night

I was lost alone in the night

Wondering where to hide

There’s no method to my madness

I was struggling in my sadness

But then I heard a voice saying

“love is here for you”

There’s someone who cares for you;

You were born not waiting to die –

Give in to the love for you.

In the deep hazy mists I could see her:

I melted away in one breath

As our eyes met within death.

I Wonder Why

Night calls and my mind races through

A queue of faces, all thoughts of you

They fill my head, breaking the fake heart ache

I used to have

And now I cannot escape from you

From your embrace there is nowhere to hide

Your face lives deep inside

I race from my mistake,

But every disgrace

I cannot shake away

I wonder why

Falling Down

I thought you were dead

But then I saw you were still so small

And I began to slip and fall

Because I wasn’t over you

You didn’t leave

You grew and grew

Until you pulled me down

And down and down

I’m still falling down;

You give your smile so heavily

Tender, deadly, dragging me

Right down, down, down and down

I am falling down;

I found you there from despair

Hour after hour in the abyss

For a few more years

For a few more tears

As cold as stone

Sitting in the dark all alone.

Always About You

If you loved, you wouldn’t cause my pain

But now I see it was all just a game to you

You wanted me to suffer for you

And now I see, the truth is in your lies

You let me in while covering my eyes

You were just another disguise

It was always about you

But that was then and now is now

I won’t let you bring me down to my knees

Now I’ll wear the crown

So hold me as I let you go,

I’m breaking free, taking back control

With open eyes we’ll find our way

We’ll leave the past and start some day

With true love,

I’ll guide us through

We’ll leave the past and find a new you.


You think you know what’s hidden in my heart?

You think you know what’s tearing me apart?

No, you don’t have clue,

I’ll always be a mystery to you:

I’m the desire burning through,

keeping you up, and down, all night

You think you know what’s on my mind,

But the thoughts I keep are of a different kind:

I’m the longing that you can’t ignore;

I’m the feeling that you can’t deny;

I’m the rhythm that makes you come alive;

I’m the spark that ignites the flame;

I’m the desire that drives you insane

You think you know what’s floating through my mind?

You think you know what’s rotting deep inside?

You think you know me, but you don’t know a thing;

I’m a mystery, a puzzle, a song without a ring

You think you own me, but I’m not your possession –

I’m my own, my one and only obsession

The truth is you’ll never know, and that’s just fine

‘Cause it’s my life, my story and I’ll keep it mine

It’s mine to keep, mine to reveal,

My mystery, my puzzle, my tale to tell.

Podcast #9

the outer view

– By Robert Walker
A Little Bit of Drama

Beneath a mountain of tedium,

In a dull ugly system,

In an empty ocean of shadows,

Is a silhouette of pure fire heat

Drifting in the dark.

All I wanted was the wind;

The wind murmured with anticipation,

The grass turned to icy grey,

A fine mist fell,

And with the mist came my sorrow

Cooling my body

With her thousand kisses,

Leaving me there.

I am surrounded by ice crystals

floating down through silence

into soft glowing snow.

The only sound is the pulse of my breathing.

As the sun sleeps,

how many hearts are dreaming,

when the world stands still.

Podcast #6


– By Robert Walker
A Little Bit of Drama

Dead shadows dance in the night

yearning for the dawn. 

Cold and forgotten walking scars,

drained by decay,

wasted by time,

stretch out,

hungered and blurred,

to a spark ignited,


rising from the ground. 

From the last depths,

rays of hope entwine in the sky,

kissing the hills;

breathing new life

and wonders layered in light. 

Naked with joy, a new day, a new world is born.