A Lie

I spy with my little eye Something beginning with a lie: Thick bliss with a…

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Found by a gentle breeze, deep smiles of shining beauty bathed in slowly swirling Shimmering…

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Words can trick and tease, tantalise and please… The meaning of life is: to live…

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Faces, faces everywhere But not you Not you, anywhere. No touch of you No beautiful…

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A Clock

The cold face of time stalks the spinning room: Clicks staring at the numbness, Until…

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The Oak

A once delicate acorn now shades me; the leaves breathing and quivering with the sun.…

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Unseen, Fear appears on the pillow and shakes the shadows; Casting dreams with desperate whispers…

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Love desecrates the strangeness. We pray under crosses, owned by Man and grovel to bosses,…

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Dead shadows dance in the night yearning for the dawn; Cold and forgotten walking scars,…

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