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New Year

I intend to make some interesting videos and films next year with my own green screen studio. With filmmaking I can write and perform the music and songs; write the screenplays; perform as an actor; and design the visual art and cinematography. Technology is continually providing new amazing tools to…

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Journal 2020-12-29

The art of any performance is truthfully interacting with the situation that is arising. If all the world is a stage, then not knowing the future – or the fact that you are acting – helps create a great performance.

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Journal 2020-11-11

I form tears when I’m moved in any meaningful way – so if I produce them in a performance, I’m not pretending, I’m genuinely feeling what I’m doing.

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Journal 2020-10-18

Dubbing for home languages is really not a good idea. The vocal is half of the performance – taking that away, and splicing in another person’s voice, literally mutes and disconnects the actor.

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Journal 2020-09-18

Watching performers, I appreciate quality but I don’t get particularly excited by even exquisite technical excellence. Looks attract, certainly, but interest is quickly lost if there is nothing real going on beyond the performance. I detach emotionally when there is anything conceited or contrived. What holds me is real lived…

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Shakespearean Style

It is so important with the poetic flow of Shakespeare that every word means something real to the actor, otherwise the viewer will get lost in the density of content coming at them. Watching performances of Shakespeare, it is so obvious when an actor is merely ploughing through the rhythms…

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Journal 2020-04-25

A flow state is when your inner voice has got out of the way and you are free to be one with who you are and what you are doing. It’s easier to get there when lost in the energy of music. I admire good acting that is able to…

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