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Music is a mystery.

Nothing inspires and moves people as music.

Journal 2022-06-02

True play is a time to experiment with new things; a time when you have the most chance to find something exciting. I have a rough album of songs that I think are really, really good. They’re making me dance. One thing at a time though. Evil appropriates the language…

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Journal 2020-07-07

I uploaded Alive today. The song took a while to finish, I needed to be in the mood. Lots of other unfinished songs to pick up and play with, but they aren’t calling me at the moment. For another time…

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Journal 2020-05-07

I have a recurring dream where I am walking down a forest path. Through the overhead swaying leaves I can see flickering beams of sunlight. Suddenly I hear the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I know I am dreaming and tell myself to remember. I wake up and…

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