Smart Money

The aim is for smart money help available to everyone.

Smart rules enable optimisations and automations of a person’s finances, all in one place from a single app – including saving, borrowing, payments, investments, and trading.

The community aspect enables performance measurement and sharing of the best Smart rules.

Algo Trading: Sentiment Ratio

The Sentiment Ratio indicator gauges current Market Sentiment between -100% and 100%, where lower than -40% is considered Bearish and higher than 40% is Bullish. The channel between the two is considered Neutral.

The indicator has been particularly effective on H4 charts when used to confirm the direction of trading system signals. On shorter term charts, when the indicator crosses -40 or 40 back to Neutral, it has been effective when filtering signals for potential swings; for example, a bearish indication when the indicator crossed below 40 and a bullish indication when the indicator crossed above -40.


Algo Trading: Multi Trendlines

The Multi Trendlines indicator automatically draws the dominant trendlines on the current chart.

The indicator looks for the 5 best Up trends and the 5 best Down trends as at the current price, drawing each trendline if filter conditions are met.

The price relative to the trendline values can be incorporated into automated trading strategies or used as a tool for manual trading.


TSS Markets

Algorithmic trading of the currency markets using the proprietary Trendline Syncing System (TSS).

Positions are based on the best entry and exit points in the rhythmic movements of trending markets, evaluated across multiple timeframes, applying aggregated Analyst pull ratios, Sentiment Ratio analysis, and economic news event actuals versus forecasts.

The Foreign Exchange Market is the optimum asset class in which to balance a healthy risk/reward ratio in all economic and political conditions. Trading by investors adds to market depth and decreases the costs of businesses, pension funds and consumers to exchange money. In normal circumstances, market currency price adjustments are a natural and necessary safety valve to an economy. Ethically (and also from a risk management perspective) we do not trade non-stable currencies.

Our investment approach is to execute strategy plans formulated by specific configurations of the TSS model, which creates automated algorithmic trades and ensures positions are implemented accurately in the currency markets 24 hours a day.

TSS Markets

Over the past year I have experimented with three different methods of trading in the currency markets: computer automated algorithmic trading, human manual trading, and semi-automated algorithmic trading.

Purely automated trading – using pattern recognition and data mining – has proven to be very unsuccessful, which is is to be expected, as it is highly unlikely that there exists a magic formula for technical analysis that can be applied at all times. If such a thing existed, the designer of the magic money box would quickly become the richest person in history, given the trillions of dollars that pass through the financial markets every day. Successful automated algorithms in the markets compete on speed of response to price imperfections, and to variances between market expectations and economic data announcements.

Manual trading has had variable returns, yielding a slight net gain, but this is no guarantee of future performance due to the lack of a reusable fully codified strategy.

The most successful method is the hybrid combination of a human and a machine working together in real-time, which has performed very well over the testing time period. The human (me) innovates and modifies ideas from large volumes of data, processed by the algorithm, as directed by me. The semi-automated algorithm then dispassionately executes the trading plan in the lifespan of the strategy, instantly and precisely processing every market tick, every moment of every day.


WIBAMU Easy Accounts is an Accounting software that interfaces with Microsoft Excel, enabling automation and easy control of your accounts.

Easy to use – no need for software training or knowledge of accounting.

The ease and flexibility to customize WIBAMU to the Management Accounts you require makes this application a powerful solution for a small to medium-sized business or for your home accounts.

Users often have requirements to download data from their accounting software into Excel so that they can reuse the data in their business processes. WIBAMU Easy Accounts has been developed for direct use with Microsoft Excel because it is quicker, easier and more effective if the data is controlled in just one place.

What else makes WIBAMU Easy Accounts different from other Accounting software?

  • WIBAMU automatically determines the correct accounting entries from your chosen options. No knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping is required.
  • To save time, multiple data journals can be posted simultaneously in one bulk upload.
  • Reports can be configured as you require and summary numbers can be drilled-down to the journal level to view the underlying dataset.
  • All data can be exported and imported via csv files in a standardized format for sharing or interfacing.
  • You can split any data journal values between Analysis fields as you define. For example you could split the journal between business lines, locations, P&L drivers, attribution etc.
  • Any required details and reference information can be added to a data journal as needed. You can set-up your own drop-down lists of defined values in Settings and apply groupings and sub-groupings to provide meaningful management information for you and/or your business.
  • You can create your own fields in the reports with any lookup data you wish to include.
  • The Help Window at the bottom of each screen shows relevant guidance as you use WIBAMU Easy Accounts.


  • Quickly shows your profit, loss, income and costs at any time.
  • Shows the financial position of your business.
  • Shows the key ratios needed to understand the drivers and performance of your business.
  • Automatically calculates the correct double-entry bookkeeping for any data posting.
  • Controls ensure the accounts (debits and credits) always balance.
  • Accounting journals can be posted by bulk upload or with templates to save you time.
  • Enables consolidation of different business lines or distributed processes.
  • Creates fully attributed and analyzed P&L, customized as you require.
  • Enables trend analysis, comparatives analysis, forecasts versus actuals, debtor and creditor analysis, cash flow details, stock review and other flexible reports with groupings and drill-downs on the data.
  • Also can be used for producing home accounts, debt balances and budgets.
  • Easy-to-understand help information is provided in a support window as you use the application.

What are the benefits of leveraging Excel functionality?

  • WIBAMU Easy Accounts can be easily integrated into any existing Excel-based processes.
  • Excel is widely used by businesses – it is used to share data in common formats that people understand.
  • The WIBAMU data structure can be easily reconfigured to include new reference fields and analysis splits.
  • Flexible reports can be refreshed and reconfigured quickly and easily as required.
  • Users can group, drill-down, sort, filter, find, review and update the data quickly.
  • Powerful analysis and representation tools can be used in Excel on the data.
  • Processes within an Excel workbook can be transparent rather than hidden in software logic.
  • Excel enables Cloud-based sharing of the data and processes, with interactive commentary.



The free standard version has a data limit in the Ledger, although any posted journals can be cleared-down and exported as external csv files to free space. Any WIBAMU data, within the data limits, can be imported from the external files as and when required.


The full version has a much larger data capacity that enables 50 million data points, which we recommend is suitable for non-large businesses.

We recommend that you use the free standard version first to verify that everything works as hoped for and expected.


RW Finance can create a specific version of WIBAMU Easy Accounts for your business. If you would like a tailored version of WIBAMU fine-tuned to your requirements, scaled to the size of your business and integrated with your processes, please let us know.

Due to the time savings expected, clients who use a customized version of WIBAMU Easy Accounts are entitled to a 5% discount on any professional services provided by RW Finance.


WIBAMU Easy Accounts is a digitally signed application using Microsoft Authenticode, verifying Robert Walker as the trusted software publisher.

There is no need to install or uninstall the application on your machine. Simply download the WIBAMU Easy Accounts file to a location of your choice.

When you want to use WIBAMU Easy Accounts, simply click on the file.

WIBAMU system requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 8 and up
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 and up



If you have any feedback or suggestions for future versions, please contact us

To register the product and keep in touch with RW Finance: register WIBAMU

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