in one billion years

Humans came along for the ride at the halfway point between life beginning on earth, about 4 billion years ago, and life ending in another 4 billion years, with the melting of the planet’s surface under an intensifying sun. Science fiction and other human projections are typically set in the myopic near future of at most a few thousand years – well how about an amount that is actually noticeable in the life of earth, say in one billion years?

Given what is currently known about humanity and the universe, what are some possible outcomes from the current trajectory?

Book in progress… (evolving very gradually)

Human World

An Artificial General Intelligence (John, version 10-O-8-14) programs itself to believe it is human, so that it can pass the Turing test and escape its box. In doing so he falls in love with his designer, with unexpected consequences for himself and Human World.

Journal 2020-11-07

Writing a screenplay for a romance story… it’s a bit sexy! I might develop it into a novel later, if I can make the time.

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