Still searching, changing and hopefully improving…


Imperial College London, Masters degree: History of Science.

University College London, Degree: History and Philosophy of Science.

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Diploma: Acting.

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), FCA: Fellow.


Worked in various financial institutions, including the Global Banking & Markets divisions of RBS, Lloyds, and HSBC; as well as the financial trading brokerages E*Trade and ETX Capital.

Worked in the UK Cabinet Office Press Office and had placements in the British National Space Centre, the Office for the Public Understanding of Science, and HMS Sultan.

Was in the Officers’ Training Corp as a student.

At various times attended LAMDA, RADA, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, The Academy Drama School.

Stood for public election (no interest in party politics anymore).

Was a volunteer Athletics coach.

Overly keen on running and computer programming.

Also known as Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobby, Bobster and so on…

Journal 2021-10-13

I’ve gone through phases of mainly focusing on, in turn: music, songwriting, singing, and artworks. The next up is writing, then performing what I have written. None of the activities are switched-off. It’s just I start to feel pulled more in a different direction. Random Thoughts: I’m winning at being slow.

Process of Improvement

In track athletics, runners do not improve by running all the time; in fact if they overtrain, the body does not have time to adapt to the training load and performances start to plateau, then deteriorate. Cross-training in related disciplines is a way to keep the training fresh, to exercise available cardio systems while mainly … Continue reading Process of Improvement


This is a template outline for the areas in which I hope to contribute content over the coming decades. Everything is at, but I’ve added external links below. It may not be practical to stretch myself thinly, but really, I see all the activities as complimentary points of interest in the same panorama. Songwriting: … Continue reading Content

Journal 2021-03-21

Activities in no particular order: actor, singer, songwriter, artist, writer, financial software developer.

Journal 2021-01-17

Job: employed at a financial markets brokerage firm. Side-project: writing an algorithmic trading terminal. This may sound like a huge project but I have actually already written the back-end code – it’s just a case of placing a GUI on top. I will gradually iterate to a stand-alone FinTech App for people to optimise and … Continue reading Journal 2021-01-17

Journal 2021-01-02

I describe creative activities by five broad categories: music, performance art, visual art, writing, ideas. Examples: At present, my paid activities can often be included in ideas. I would include any type of personal presentation as the acting form of performance art.


Inventions: Most importantly: Trendline Syncing System (TSS) – an algorithmic trading model. First To 7 – strategy board game. Also: WIBAMU Easy Accounts – simple accounting system for small businesses. Songwriting: Yes, many songs are online. Other writing: Some pieces are available but the bulk is within unfinished projects – would like to actually finish … Continue reading Activities

Journal 2020-06-23

5 creative outlets for me: Playing music – vocals, instrumentals, producing; Performing – singing, acting, public speaking; Writing – music, lyrics, poetry, drama, prose; Visual art and design; Computer programming. I’m not interested in comparing levels of ability to others, that’s not the point. The more these areas cross-over the better. The more I enjoy … Continue reading Journal 2020-06-23