Night Eyes

I am absent without leave 
in ways you can’t perceive. 
Bail me out, show me what I am about: 
All hard and cold, of fool’s gold, 
in fool's paradise. 
Show me what you are about. 
Show me what I must do: 
What we must do; 
What you can do… 
You are the night eyes 
when I escape behind closed eyes. 
Tonight, with love, we know 
I am here with you. 
You are Night Eyes; 
I see tonight, Night Eyes, 
With you. 
You've been waiting, anticipating, 
what I have to say. 
You told me: 
More fool me; 
There was always, always more to see. 
But I misunderstood, 
“A little bit of what you fancy does you good.” 
Ok, I'll be as good as gold - 
Forever waiting’s over, over, over. 
You are the night eyes 
when I escape behind closed eyes. 
Tonight, with love, we know 
I am here with you. 
You are Night Eyes; 
I see tonight, Night Eyes, 
With you. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

Better Late Than Never

I know I should have been here long ago, 
but I lost my way; 
I lost my mind in circles around you; 
I'm sorry, so sorry. 
Maybe it was just another story about us, 
with words that swirl around you and me - 
Better late than never. 
You don't know I've been sinking in the moments 
of fear that hurt us; 
Fear stopped us, 
I lost us; 
I'm sorry, so sorry. 
I was out of sight, out of mind, miles behind, 
without a trace, fallen from grace - 
Better late than never together. 
Better late than never; 
In the end, we are together - 
Through time we find 
love is forever. 
Better late than never; 
Better together; 
Out of time we find 
love is forever; 
Together forever - 
Better late than never. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

Be Now

Everything can come to those who live 
and won't wait: 
Something good, something great - 
Yeah, I’m not in 

Rise and shine, everything's fine; 
You're all good, be as it should - 
Be now: 
The rub of the green, with no routine… 
Be now. 

Less is so much more; 
It hits home here, to the core - 
A bolt from the blue. 
Now I know, I know how to be, 
you free me; 
Only now I am me - 
You free me, 
I am me. 

Rise and shine, everything's fine; 
You're all good, be as it should - 
Be now: 
The rub of the green, with no routine… 
Be now. 

Love lives inside me, never asleep, 
alive and forever, 
you’re more than skin deep; 
I will never ever get lost; 
I am here and now 

Now I know, 
I know how to be: 
You free me… 
Be now. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

Only Love Is Real

I need to find some peace of mind - 
I watch the ride: 
A thousand eyes shining in space, 
In the beauty of you. 
Only love is real… 
I am now awake 
With where my heart is now - 
Now in life: 
Only you, 
Only you are real… 
Only love is real to me. 
Life is what you make - 
Drop the story; 
The past is what you make, 
Right now. 
Be something new 
Beyond yourself; 
In the moment, 
Only love is real. 
Only love is real to me - 
Only you. 
Only you are real to me: 
Only love is real. 
Intimate together, 
Love lasts forever -  
One heart never apart. 
Only love, 
Only you, 
Only you are real to me. 
Only love is real. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

This Too Will Pass

Slipping and sliding, 
Commanding the tides - 
Bitter struggling against my mind. 
But nothing can last, 
This too will pass. 

Minds crashing and colliding - 
Anxiety, when dreaming away, 
Ignoring the lights. 
Night turns to day, day turns to night… 
The future's the past. 
Nothing ever lasts. (This too will pass.) 

In the stillness and the storm, 
Victory’s glowing so strong; 
It sinks down in the dark, 
Rising up to start again, 
To rust away again - 
To dust. 

In the end, 
Through pain and beauty, beauty and pain: 
Only love remains. 
No thing ever lasts; 
The past’s the past. 
Stories end, new dreams begin - 
Only love remains, 
Only love remains. 

Love moves the wind; 
Nothing stays the same - 
Floating away, away… 
With the end of the day: 
Only love remains, 
Only love remains. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

Our Way Back

Our way back is
to where we were before, 
before we started - 
Where it's taken a lifetime 
for us to be together… 
Where we departed. 
I’ve been a dark horse 
running from the source 
to the back of beyond, 
on an uneven course - 
Where every lost cloud was a memory 
of my way back to you. 
Our way back 
is there forever in our soul - 
Where I breathe with you; 
Where dreams are always true. 
Tell me now, 
What do you want me to do? 
I know that we can be together, 
Where forever is our soul; 
Our way back is forever in our soul. 
Our love is our way back. 

Between The Lines

I am here now for your pleasure, 
Light me up, I'm at your leisure - 
You don't know what I am thinking; 
You don't know that I am 
The illusion: 
An old delusion, 
found again and lost again. 
I just missed you, 
How I missed you! 
I'm the secret hiding from you. 
See between the lines: 
See the signs, all around you. 
Today is our time: 
Sleepy sunshine, 
Above and beyond, 
Between the lines. 
Know that I see you like no other - 
I am more than just your lover. 
I am not just going somewhere -  
I am here through time 
and back 
I am not a number, 
I live in wonder 
now - 
You know I found it out somehow, 
Shining in the faces, 
Turning over all my pages. 
See between the lines: 
See the signs, all around you. 
Feel between the lines: 
Feel the signs, all around you. 
See between the lines: 
See the signs, all around you; 
Feel the signs, all around you. 
Today is our time: 
Sleepy sunshine, 
Above and beyond, 
Between the lines. 

Journal 2022-08-06

I’m collating my lyrics from dozens of songs at the moment.

Random Thoughts:

If you drop the story in your mind for one minute, what happens? You don’t have the thoughts in your mind that distress you. You are alive, now, in this fascinatingly weird and beautiful place.

Lying is the language of Evil; an ugly, twisted distortion of truth.

Happiness is a state of aliveness – no things are needed.

It Can’t Be You

You entered, in my mind, 
so long ago, so long ago - 
Even though you were a passing shadow 
unlikely for me to see again. 
Sometimes I’d see you in my mind: 
I’d think of what you were doing, 
what you were seeing, 
what you were imagining - 
You were an unnamed figure 
floating through my mind. 
I saw you again the other day 
In an unexpected place. 
You answered all my questions, 
But how can I feel like this? 
It can’t be you… 
It can’t be you… 
It can’t be you. 
How can this happen, here and now? 
Before I’ve even started, 
I know how far I’ve got to go… 
And each day is harder than the one before 
because I can’t reach you. 
I saw you again the other day 
In an unexpected place. 
You answered all my questions, 
But how can I feel like this? 
It can’t be you… 
It can’t be you… 
It can’t be you. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

Another Thing Coming

Through the window I could see 
a glimmering gaze waiting for me - 
A choice, in the noise: 
Light from afar or delight at the bar. 

One more day mind glazed; 
One more day in the shade; 
One more day of empty glasses; 
One more day for second chances - 
Fear stained memories in a cage, 
forgotten feelings in a haze, 
cold and shrill and numbing: 
Another thing coming… 

So time for home, time for bed, 
too many words have been said; 
Cold relief, short and brief, 
turning tables, writing labels, 
making time to switch (which is which?) 

One more day mind glazed; 
One more day in the shade; 
One more day of empty glasses; 
One more day for second chances - 
Fear stained memories in a cage, 
forgotten feelings in a haze, 
cold and shrill and numbing: 
Another thing coming… 

Now you’ve set me up 
in the middle of some good luck, 
with the myth: 
The iron gate of an altered state - 
Myself withheld from all my sins, 
falling down on the sharpened ground. 

The night-time cure, the magic mixture, the mystery - 
Your special power shimmers in a night-shine, 
a potion of lost emotion reflecting 
a fantasy in my head. 

One more day mind glazed; 
One more day in the shade; 
One more day of empty glasses; 
One more day for second chances - 
Fear stained memories in a cage, 
forgotten feelings in a haze, 
cold and shrill and numbing: 
Another thing coming… 

Words and (some) Music by Robert Walker

A Song Within

Battles closing minds at war;
Fights the same, just as before.
Raging struggles in your way, 
surviving another day of artificial, unsubstantial
Fears full of the end.

A song within is for display -
Play it now, play it loud, play it soft;
But most of all: 
Love it all.

“Them and us, us and them” makes it easy to condemn - 
Red in tooth and claw does not have to be the law;
Anger bathed in fear only makes another tear.
Take another step, the next step, for all.

A song within is for display -
Play it now, play it loud, play it soft;
But most of all: 
Love it all.

Listen to the whisper, quiet and small: 
Light belongs to all -
But most of all:
Love it all.
Words and Music by Robert Walker

Blah De Blah

Tedious conversation… 
Boring repeats, heard it all before:

Blah de blah, boring blah blah,
“How dare you, what about me?”
Blah blah, blah de blah blah,
boring, blah blah blah.

The same look in the eyes, the same scripted replies:
“I’m better than, I’m more than” – comparison of facades.
Seeking, needing the outrage;
fanning the flames, finding someone to blame.
Taught behaviour, taught script:
“Look at me! Aren’t I special. Give me a biscuit!”
“My happy versus your happy;”
“Aren’t I special because I conform.”
(Spoon fed some rules.)

Blah de blah, boring blah blah,
“How dare you, what about me?”
Blah blah blah, blah de blah blah,
boring, blah blah blah.

“Everybody must have the same opinion” - 
Nobody knows everything, even about one thing:
The more I see the less I know; the more I see the more I feel.
Explanations unfold, change colour and disappear into space -
The enormity and hugeness of limitless space…

Blah de blah, boring blah blah,
“How dare you, what about me?”
Blah blah, blah de blah blah,
boring, blah blah blah.

No need to be imprisoned by a side, by a tribe - 
Each day is different, rules are for machines.
Exceptions are for you.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Words by Robert Walker

Random Thoughts

The goal with current gaps and an action plan. Has anyone done this analysis for humanity? (I mean one that is based on universal flourishing and kindness, not written by useful idiots and implemented by empowered psychopaths.)

Energy builds up internally through relentless thinking and wants to be released.

Working is more fulfilling than chilling.

Reduce work by doing it.

I am a writer. I perform for necessity or fun.

Summarise rather than simplify.

Right now, everything is probably fine. There will be challenges, and preparation for them is a good idea – but whatever they may be, this exact moment is probably fine.

Maybe a school exam question in the future: To what extent was the series of US imbecilic Presidents and broken political system responsible for the reaffirmation of totalitarianism in non-Western countries? Was this causally connected to the emergence of the Internet and social media?

Marcus Aurelius was succeeded by Commodus. As a metaphor, even philosopher kings beget tyranny.

In the totalitarian mindset, facts are attacked and suppressed if they do not conform to belief stories.

Journal 2022-07-12

Either use apps or read books of jokes, facts, quotes and vocabulary. Collated paragraphs of knowledge primers would be beneficial to learning as well.

Random Thoughts:

The past can offer lessons and warnings, but should not determine the quality of today nor the direction of the future.

These words are words. Your thoughts determine the effect on you, good or bad.

Anything great is always achieved outside of society’s expectations.

It is compassionate to be happy.

Be someone’s smile.

Journal 2022-07-09

I’m absolutely happy with the reservoirs of knowledge and culture that my phone makes available to me, including:

  • Monthly subscriptions to Kindle, Audible, Spotify/Apple Music.
  • Follows of blogs, micro-blogs, video playlists and podcasts (with an option to support).

The one missing is a platform that provides the availability of any course of learning to everyone.

Random Thoughts:

Certainty is limited. Uncertainty is unbounded infinite possibility.

There was a brief interlude in the 1950s to 1990s when delusion and unfairness started to diminish. The desire for fairness has continued in this century, but people have become far more delusional and crazed, making fair outcomes less likely and opening the door to the truly vile forces that have wreaked misery through so much of history.

Are you a societal meme?

I am impossible to offend. “You’re a blancmange!” they say. Ok, well you have your opinions, and I’ll have mine.

Everyone you meet and everyone who is affected by you needs you not to be a twat.

Random Thoughts

There have been plenty of middle management monsters running countries in history – they are psychotic narcissists who copy from a playbook given to them and repeat the past.

Can creativity thrive under authoritarian conditions, aided by artificial intelligence? Can slaves be compelled and threatened to create? Can they create if they are constantly lied to and manipulated, rather than inspired? The correlation to date has been with freedom.

If consciousness can be programmed to live in a heavenly state of bliss, why bother creating simulations? If reality can be anything, then why this one?

People who put percentage probabilities on the origins and nature of existence have a myopic view of the probability tree.

Exploring was great, but I am now about to focus. I probably won’t be updating my word count here, for a while.

Random Thoughts

On a hot day, humans can outrun horses over long distances.

Thoughts determine your wellbeing. Fluffy thoughts are lovely; however if they are based on some personal deceit, they will turn sour. Negative thoughts destroy you and everything you experience. Positive thoughts based on what is true is the optimal state of being.

I enjoy sentences where different interpretations are all true. The sentence is the fact, but the meaning is multiple. The ultimate sentence is when, on some higher level, all the seemingly contradictory explanations harmonise as one great beauty.

Does the universe exist if your consciousness is not perceiving it? This question will usually be met with “of course”, eye rolls and the like, instantly dismissing logic which suggests: the only irreducible certainty is that an experience is being perceived in the current moment. I am not solipsistic by inclination; it’s just interesting to me how quickly the idea is dismissed as obviously false and egocentric. But people are often irritated when an axiom is touched, and advances in knowledge are usually counter-intuitive. So what if all assumptions are false?

Gamer: We’re living in a simulation. I have proof.

Religioner: That’s ok. God created the world that made the simulation and put the Holy ghost in the machine.

God: By the way, something created me.

Random Thoughts

Never quite here and not quite there, words are understood depending on you.

Further from reality, from warmth and humanity, bliss will fester in your lap. Love and be loved; don’t judge and be judged. Anger sees anger; the foolish see a fool.

Economic necessity hinders countless people from fulfilling their potential. Having some chance is better than nothing; however a situation where you are hostage to the manipulations and barbarities of some murderous thug is a forcible attempt to suppress your humanity.

Music is a mystery. Nothing inspires and moves people as music.

Writing is focused thinking.

It’s rare to meet an adult non-dog who is full of joy in most circumstances.

Blah blah etc.:

  • Sell me this pen.
  • What type of pen do you need?
  • I’m not really looking right now.
  • I find it useful to have my own pen handy if I need to write something down. Do you have one?
  • No, not on me.
  • Would you like to try this?

Journal 2022-06-02

True play is a time to experiment with new things; a time when you have the most chance to find something exciting.

I have a rough album of songs that I think are really, really good. They’re making me dance. One thing at a time though.

Evil appropriates the language of divinity to destroy lives. Hard Rock appropriates shadow and transcends the world.

Podcast #12


A Little Bit of Drama

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Journal 2022-05-31

I’m happy when I have interesting work because “work” then feels like play.

Players play characters in plays; musicians play music while playing to audiences. Writers work, however; and artists work at producing artworks. Work and play can be a fine balance.

Random Thoughts:

Words can make grunts of great cruelty or music of great beauty.

I watched the change from shy smiles to deep desires, until anger looked back.

The shopping aisles of perfect smiles draining the days in joyless fantasy.

Do you remember me? I don’t think you do because you never saw me. You saw another copy of a copy, a projection of your story. Now I am many stories, but only one is real.

Journal 2022-05-30

Currently playing a track on repeat with my wooh-ooh vocals on top. It’s really good, it’s sexy and I want to dance with it, but I did say one thing at a time…

Random Thoughts:

Words are more real when they form from actions. The interesting parts of a scene are usually what happens around the words.

Beliefs are the biggest killers of people. Awareness to recognise beliefs as thoughts, and to change them when necessary, is vital to the world’s well-being.

Pride repeats errors. Love for your life and others is not pride.

Journal 2022-05-29

I read my words and find myself bursting out in laughter. I’m not sure if it’s because of quality or embarrassment.

Bring life to the page and the page to life.

The best way to spot typos and other errors is to read the words out loud. It slows you down and makes you articulate what has been written, rather than reading in your head what you thought you had written.

Random Thoughts

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that humanity will progress or fail based on the quality of information. Totalitarian regimes are the biggest abusers of the truth and the vilest perverters of humanity.

Wiberty – words in books can set you free.

“Smart” as a buzzword has become a bit corporate, so is far from its original meaning of savvy. I now prefer “hardcore”, but with nice comfy edges.

The train from Norwich to London journeys through four of England’s fifty-five cities.

I finally broke the two-minute mark for passing free-flowing water. Very proud of myself.

Journal 2022-05-21

During my wanderings, I’ve built abilities in various areas. I’m now focusing on each area in turn, starting with writing.

Random Thoughts:

From brain teasers to magic tricks, it’s usually a wrong assumption that hides the answer. Beliefs are full of assumptions, conscious and unconscious.

If you think you understand, you don’t. To think something is final, rather than part of a dynamic process, is to not begin to comprehend boundless possibilities.

I would like there to be a platform that is text-based and has character minimum limits for posts, so that content is substantial.

Those who supported habitual shams look ridiculous in the fullness of time.

Journal 2022-05-18

Mid-May and it is now the first day of the year when heating isn’t needed and my study door is open. The trees are in leaf, there is a freshness of cut grass in the air, and there are still spring flowers on green waysides. It’s this time of the year when I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world.

Random Thoughts:

I write something that seems fine at the time. I read it later, groan, and make edits.

Reading to thinking to writing to speaking to writing to thinking to reading.

Cynical and low-quality public discourse in democratic countries has given succour to the autocrats of the world.

The reason that many observers thought Putin was just posturing with 200,000 troops on the Ukrainian border was they didn’t think he would be so stupid as to invade a country of 44 million people. By comparison, 2 million Nazis and Soviets invaded Poland in 1939. The soviets invaded Finland in 1939 with 750,000 troops and lost, suffering horrific casualties.

If a government (e.g. the US) had conclusive proof that aliens were visiting Earth, the information is unlikely to be disseminated for fear of panic and societal collapse. It would be suppressed, with the option to gradually acclimatise the public to that reality.

Random Thoughts

Any course of learning should be immediately available in a phone app, including school curriculum and university degree programmes.

I need to know. About everything.

I would like a feed of paragraphs from books. Drilling in expands to the chapter. It could have articles and blogs as well, but I’m mainly interested in dipping into books from groups I follow.

All people should have access to the sum total of human knowledge. Untwisted from deceivers, vested interests, and echo chambers.

Random Thoughts

Extremists fail and fall because the path requires balance.

It is inspiring that even when a person may be deeply flawed, they can still rise above all the frictions and misunderstandings of their day, to display moments of grace and greatness.

I love the tech revolution that has happened during my lifetime ❤️

Presumably the “GAMAM” tech companies don’t want to use the obvious anagram “GAMMA”, because of connotations with third-rate radioactive decay?

Random Thoughts

Generals at totalitarian rallies look like clowns.

Autocrats twist the rightful love of community into grotesque, violent delusion.

Contorted minds create hell on earth.

Non-fungible performances interest me. I’m thinking of issuing a few.

Kierkegaard’s romance with Regine Olsen would make a good dramatisation.

Ferocity and love as a combination captivates people, especially when sincere.

Journal 2022-05-07

It’s this order at the moment: Writing, Performance (Acting/Singing), Music, Art, Tech. I’m enjoying engaging in all these areas.

Viral videos and images are fun in small doses, but the drug can become addictive and unfulfilling. I prefer to read articles on news aggregator apps or Twitter, wary of the incentives and angles that people take, like a historian might be when viewing secondary sources.

TikTok is like aimlessly switching on the television and flicking channels. Instagram is an extension of reality tv. Facebook is a legacy platform, originally designed for sharing updates with friends and family, though messaging apps are probably better for this now.

YouTube is a great library of videos that should be actively searched rather than passively received, as my feed is now gunked up with spam. Twitter can be interesting to read, after filtering out the crappy posts and comments.

Random Thoughts

Invest where people who know what they are doing put their own capital. Or better still, invest in them. If you believe in what they are doing and you believe in them, then you have found the perfect combination.

Products and services improve when the providers are also keen users.

Trying to look older would mean experience is valued over the skin-deep.

Schools teach children to fit into a uniform.

Inflexibility often manifests in people who believe that whatever they think determines external reality.

Doing nothing isn’t preferable.

Random Thoughts

Notice. Are you able to describe the person you just talked to? Or the room you were just in? Or even the object in your hand? Do you notice what you are doing?

To be offended is to be wrong. Nasty behaviour thrown in your direction isn’t condoned, you might choose to respond, but why should their words actually harm you?

Many thirst in the desert of shiny things.

The accumulation effect of small moments can be enormous.

The challenge is to release what is within you, uncorrupted by falsity and lies.

Regardless of whether you think you are succeeding or failing, you must not ease up, in any respect, because events always happen.

For sure it is smart to learn from the experience of others, but the lessons can be more thoroughly learnt if you make the mistakes yourself.

Random Thoughts

I love that moment of bafflement when a person is looking at you and thinking “what the?” It usually ends in either awkward or full laughter.

If nervous or stressed about doing something, say to yourself “I’ll be dead soon” and do it anyway.

I think psychopaths don’t understand that threats have no effect on people who are truly pissed off. There is no room for fear when a person is angered, only destruction.

An empowered society creates and innovates. Empowered authoritarians corrupt and suffocate.

Random Thoughts

Work journals help elucidate what is happening and why.

An important question to ask one’s own thoughts is, “Who is talking?” Now you know, do you want to let that voice speak? A human does not have one identity, or set of impulses.

My logic reasons that I should be Agnostic, but belief in “God” is embedded in me, even though I can’t define what that word means.

Fall in love with doing. Love to do and you will have the energy to do it.

Comfort is for snoozing not moving.

Freedom provides the opportunity to create.

Curiosity initiates understanding and invention.

Random Thoughts

What do you have to say? Experience. Think and write. Then say, entertainingly.

Art happens when imagination and reality are one.

Difference has a cost and the highest return.

An algorithm, a method, is enormously powerful when perfectly applied.

I sincerely hope we are able to spread humanity rather than psychopathy onto other planets.

Journal 2022-04-09

Twitter can be an opportunity to read more.

If I write something, I can also read the text on video and include in the tweet. I could use hashtag logic such as #H1C0S1T1 to index the content of Human World – where H = Human World (Novel), C = Chapter, S = Section (Thread), T = Tweet.

Random Thoughts:

Bravery is a smile in extreme adversity. Faith is the understanding that this light will prevail.

If there is advanced alien life out there, they would probably have the technology to hide themselves from us and would probably be watching us. Whether they would want to intervene, I have no idea.

The main utility of social media platforms:

  • Twitter: Sharing written thoughts (but corrupted by psyops farms, disinformation, and political tactic mongers).
  • Instagram: Following a person’s pictures and videos (ideal for celebrity culture and stalkers).
  • TikTok: Fun videos.
  • YouTube: All videos.
  • Facebook: ? Pass.

Random Thoughts

I used to grumble about wind turbines but now I’ve changed my mind. In my mind they’ve become monuments standing tall in all weather against humanity’s primitive past. It doesn’t matter how cloudy the skies, the arms will turn.

A debate is just gladiatorial spectacle, but a discussion should be a real-time exchange of thinking, with new ideas developed together as an outcome. Written bullet points provide more time for the receiver to think through the issues.

For me at least, the television has been replaced for news and entertainment by phone apps. The zombification factor is lower if there is more interaction and dynamic content.

Anyone who likes me has excellent taste.

Random Thoughts

I don’t mind monotonous chores when listening to podcasts or audiobooks. I press pause when I need to think about what I’m doing.

Nazism was obviously an evil period of German history, and after its utter defeat, one for which subsequent generations in Germany completely rejected. Whether the scales will fall suddenly from the eyes of people living in Fascist Russia, I don’t know.

I admire many Russian artists of prior periods, the list is too long to include here, but art is often a reaction to its society – where the human spirit is able to shine through the pain of its subjugation.

Fascism suffocates life under its fetid blanket of corruption and deception, producing only missiles and murderers.

To an English speaker, “Putin” sounds like “Poo tin” (a tin of poo). The pathetically unimaginative letter Z as a symbol looks like a swastika and reminds of naZi. Invading a sovereign country with tanks, murderers and rapists reminds the free world of the barbarity we thought had long disappeared from Europe.

Ireland speaks English, but if they want to dump it and speak only Irish, then good for them. If they don’t, then good for them too. But the thing about sovereign countries is that such decisions are up to the people who live there.

Being consigned to the poo tin of history means being forgotten about with great relief.

Soviet Union 2.0 is the crappiest sequel ever, where every word is a lie and every action is bad counterfeit copy.

I happened to walk past a couple of houses in Colchester that usually have the Union Jack flying atop a flagpole in their gardens. Both homes are now instead flying the Ukrainian flag.

Random Thoughts

It’s easy to stamp on a flower, yet some mistake this for greatness and spend their time destroying and threatening to destroy life’s creations. To the evolving world, this is deeply pathetic.

Psychopaths are psychopaths. Their admirers and enablers make them happen.

From a writing and performing perspective, professionally besuited politicians poorly deliver banal regurgitated lines, without due regard to substance, the power of metaphor, or any higher appeal to the inspirations of the human heart.

The sickly glare from the darkness is its most pernicious when pretending to be the light.

Your choice now of the inputs that influence you determines your outcomes.

Every day is a new creation.

Journal 2022-03-21


  1. Recite my poetry to camera.
  2. Perform podcast episodes on camera.
  3. Read Human World novel to camera.
  4. Perform my music on camera.

Random Thoughts:

I have had good quality sleep when I remember my dreams.

Fool’s gold is a mirage to the senses.

Smaug the Magnificent would covet the tacky gold gaudiness that gangsters and dictators encase themselves within.

It is a choice to see the way.

The past has passed. Now is a new time.

My allegiance is to the flourishing of life.

Random Thoughts

Dear Tech, please help end the twin abominations of disinformation and misinformation.

Input plus something equals output. Usually the inputs are easier to change.

As much as we would like to find some deeper nuance and subtlety, some people do behave like cartoonish one-dimensional characters.

Do Until Win (Pain, Learn, Adapt).

Liking yourself is a good choice.

Random Thoughts

When the fog clears you realise you are not where you were anymore.

Your love is shown in your grief; but grief will end, your love will not.

Emperors want to think they are respected. I think they are pathetic.

A country is not its government. Normal human beings do not resemble the golden-housed psychopaths that plunder and destroy their lives. But the human spirit can shine through the deceit and misery unleashed on the world. To life.

If aliens were to read the comments on Twitter, we wouldn’t be the species of choice to talk to.

Random Thoughts

Beauty in unexpected places is a special beauty.

Words can transcend the page or sink in the mud.

Dangerous and irresistible is a strange allure isn’t it…

Try to have fewer opinions. Few and deep is more helpful than many and superficial.

You don’t “work” when solving a crossword puzzle, or playing Wordle, or reading a book. Remunerated activities don’t always have to be “work” either.