Game Stories

I would like to see a game show that combines mind and physicality.

A contestant is placed in the middle of the Grid, which is a labyrinth of different rooms with different challenges, contained within sections (levels).

The contestant has to escape each section of the Grid before the clock counts down.

Some challenges waylay and consume the contestant’s time. They have to decide whether to continue in that direction or find a different route to the section exit.

Failed challenges reduce the remaining time on the clock. Stop Buttons revealed for successful challenges temporarily stop the clock.

Different characters in the Grid try to help or hinder the contestant. Some of them talk to the viewer and comment on what is happening.

The Grid watches and updates the viewer.

Hang on, this sound like a horror story again.

How about a board game: Race to the Stars. Players navigate a playing board of the solar system trying to be the first to reach Alpha Centauri.

Hang on, it sound like a science fiction story – where AIs are literally operating space ships from the board game moves.

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