The Mushroom Monsters

As Nathan touched the strange mushroom that pulsed with an eerie green light, it released a cloud of spores into his face. At first, Nathan didn’t notice anything was wrong. But as he went about his day, people seemed to be looking at him with fear and disgust. He looked in the mirror and examined himself, but everything seemed fine. He tried talking to people, but now they would only run away from him, screaming in terror.

Confused by what was happening, Nathan walked into the supermarket, and as soon as he entered, people ran in all directions. To his utter dismay, many of them started convulsing and dying, one by one, for no apparent reason. Nathan was powerless as he watched the unfolding tragedy.

He was utterly devastated. However, he soon had to fight for his life against hideous monsters that had overrun the town. In desperately trying to survive, Nathan noticed that a spore-infected person would unknowingly release a personal monster, which they could not see but others could. The monsters would attack anyone within proximity to their host.

Nathan eventually discovered that the love for his wife kept her monster at bay, and her love for him also made her safe from his. The cure had been found.

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