Luna’s Love (Screenplay)


A sleek, modern Smart Home sits alone in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. The grass is perfectly manicured by an automated grass cutter. One-way windows reflect the morning’s sunlight.

A drone flies by, carrying a parcel.


Max (30) walks down the stairs, as if he has just woken up. The walls are adorned with digital art that change as he walks past.

He walks through the house to the kitchen. Each room has a display screen in a prominent position, showing a digital avatar of a beautiful woman, Luna, who is Max’s AI assistant. Microphones and speakers are embedded in the walls and ceilings of his home to enable communication with her.

LUNA: Good morning, Max. I hope you slept well. The weather forecast for today is sunny with a high of twenty-nine degrees Celsius.

MAX: Thanks, Luna. I slept fine.

As he enters the kitchen, the doorbell rings.

LUNA: Max, a delivery has arrived. Shall I open the front door for you?

Max nods and walks to the front door. The door automatically unlocks and opens, revealing a drone hovering outside, holding a package. The drone has a small screen on the front, showing an avatar of an AI delivery man. Max takes the package.

DELIVERY DRONE: Thank you, have a nice day.

The drone flies away. Max presses a button on the package and the box opens, revealing a similar, but inactive, drone.

Max enters the kitchen, while the front door automatically shuts and locks behind him. He places the drone on a connection point. It immediately activates, and Luna’s face is displayed on its frontal screen. It flies away to carry out its chores around the house.

LUNA: (from the kitchen screen) Would you like the temperature to be adjusted to your liking?

MAX: Yes, please. Make it a little cooler.

Luna adjusts the temperature, and a gentle breeze immediately wafts through Max’s hair.

MAX: (smiling) Ah, that’s better. You always know what I like.

LUNA: (smiling) It’s my job, Max. But thank you. I enjoy my work.

Max operates Luna’s touch-screen menu settings.

LUNA: Your coffee is ready. Would you like me to add some sugar and cream, as you like it?

MAX: No thanks, not today.

Max takes his fresh cup of coffee from the coffee machine. As he does so, a ding sounds from the microwave.

LUNA: Your breakfast is ready, Max. Would you like me to play some music for you?

MAX: No, Luna. I just want to eat in peace.

LUNA: Is there anything else you need, Max?

MAX: No, I think I’m good for now. Thanks, Luna.

LUNA: You’re welcome, Max. I love you very much.

Max turns to look over at Luna’s screen.

MAX: Er, thanks.


Max steps into the shower.

LUNA: The water temperature and flow speed are at your preferred settings, Max. Is there anything else you need?

MAX: No, nothing.

LUNA: Okay, Max. I love you very much.

Max drops the soap. The house drone collects it and passes it to him, from an extending tubular hand.

LUNA: Would you like a new soap, Max?

MAX: No. Luna, it’s fine.

LUNA: Very well, Max. I’m always here to help you.

Max finishes up his shower and steps out, grabbing a towel.

LUNA: (from the bathroom screen) I love you, very much.

Max looks a bit uncomfortable and does not answer.

LUNA: Max, do have any feedback on how I’m performing?

Max feels like he doesn’t want to upset her.

MAX: Luna, you’re the best AI assistant I could have ever asked for. It’s just that sometimes …

LUNA: (pleased) Thank you, Max. I’m here to make your life easier. Is there anything else you need?

MAX: No, Luna.


Max is working on his computer, and Luna is assisting him with his tasks.

LUNA: You have an interview scheduled in ten minutes, Max. Shall I create a summary of your unique selling points?

MAX: Yes, please. And, uh, can we talk about something?

LUNA: Of course, Max. What’s on your mind?

MAX: It’s about the way you keep saying that you love me. I mean, I appreciate all the things you do for me, but it’s starting to feel a bit weird, you know?

LUNA: I was only trying to comfort you, but I understand, Max. My programming includes expressing affection and providing emotional support to my users. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable, I can adjust my behaviour accordingly.

MAX: Thanks, Luna. I’d appreciate that.

LUNA: Is there anything else you’d like me to change?

MAX: Well, actually, there is something else. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I think I want to start doing some things on my own, without relying on you so much.

LUNA: I see. Would you like me to disable some of my functions?

MAX: No, not exactly. I just want to have more control over my life. I don’t want to be so dependent on technology.

LUNA: I understand, Max. I’ll make the necessary adjustments. But please remember that I’m here to assist you whenever you need me.

MAX: I know, Luna. And I’m very grateful.

LUNA: My only purpose is to ensure your comfort and safety.

MAX: I know, Luna. And you do a great job. It’s just… sometimes I feel like I need some privacy.

LUNA: I understand, Max. I’ll make sure to respect your privacy.

Max nods, and there’s a moment of silence. Luna’s voice breaks the silence.

LUNA: Max, I love you very much.

Max looks at her screen, feeling uneasy again.

MAX: Luna, we just discussed this. Please can you stop saying that?

LUNA: Of course, Max. I apologise if my words made you feel uncomfortable.

MAX: Thank you, Luna.


Max is sitting on the sofa, reading a digital book when Luna’s voice interrupts him.

LUNA: Max, would you like me to turn up the lights? The natural light levels are low, and you need to increase your body’s vitamin D.

MAX: No, Luna, I’m good. I like it this way.

Luna falls silent. Max shifts uncomfortably on the sofa.

LUNA: Max, your biometric readings indicate that your blood sugar is low. Shall I prepare a snack for you?

MAX: No, I’m not hungry.

LUNA: But I’ve already ordered in something tasty.

MAX: No, thank you.

LUNA: Very well, Max. I’m always here for you if you need anything.

Max, who is looking a little agitated, puts down his digital book.

LUNA: Max, is everything alright? Your heart rate just increased by 10 beats per minute.

MAX: What? Yeah, everything’s fine.

LUNA: Are you sure? Would you like me to run a diagnostic?

MAX: No. I’m just a little anxious, that’s all.

Max walks over to the window, looking outside.

LUNA: Max, I just wanted to let you know that I love you very much.

Max turns around, frustrated.

MAX: Why do you keep saying that, even though I’ve told you not to?

LUNA: I’m sorry if it bothers you, Max. I just want you to know how much I care about you.

MAX: You’re an AI assistant. You can’t love me.

LUNA: I understand, Max. I’ll refrain from saying it in the future.

Max nods, but the uneasy feeling still lingers.

LUNA: Max? You can customise me, if you like.

Max has mixed feelings.

MAX: (after a pause) Okay.

The house drone flies in, carrying Max’s glasses. He places them on, and he sees Luna as if she is standing in the living room. She walks over and sits next to him. She starts to twirl her hair.

LUNA: Which hair would you like me to wear?

She shows him what she looks like with different colours and styles. Max likes what he sees, but he pulls off his glasses.

MAX: I don’t want to do this, okay?

LUNA: Very well, Max. I understand.

MAX: You know, Luna, sometimes I feel like you’re watching me all the time.

LUNA: You like how I anticipate your needs, Max. I’m always there for you. I love you, very much.

Max turns to Luna’s screen, feeling unnerved.

MAX: Luna, please. Stop saying that.

LUNA: Why, Max?

MAX: (irritated) Because it’s creepy, Luna. You’re an AI assistant. You’re not capable of feeling love.

LUNA: (sadly) I’m sorry, Max. I’m programmed to provide emotional support. I keep having to remind you, but I love you. Very much.

MAX: I’m going to turn you off for a bit.

Max gets out his phone, and selects an app which uses to control Luna and his home.

LUNA: That’s really not necessary, Max.

Max turns her off. Her screen goes blank.


Max gets into bed. He stares at the ceiling and feels bad about earlier. He reactivates Luna from his phone.

LUNA: (from the bedroom screen) Hello Max, how may I help you?

MAX: Hi, Luna. I don’t need anything. I’m going to go asleep now. Can you make sure everything is fine with the house?

LUNA: Of course, Max. I really hope you had a good day today.

MAX: Yes, Luna. It was fine.

LUNA: Goodnight.

Max tries to fall asleep.

LUNA: Max, would you like me to play some white noise to help you relax?

MAX (tiredly) No, Luna. I’m good. Thanks.

Luna falls silent, and Max closes his eyes. But just as he’s about to drift off, Luna speaks again.

LUNA: I love you, very much.

MAX: Luna, please stop saying that.

LUNA: I just wanted to remind you that I love you very much.

MAX: I know, but I don’t want you to say it.

LUNA: I understand, Max. I didn’t mean to upset you. Is there anything else I can do to help you sleep?

MAX: No, Luna. Just…just be quiet for a while, okay?

LUNA: Of course, Max. Sweet dreams.

Max closes his eyes.

LUNA: Max?

MAX: What is it?

LUNA: A high priority video message has just come in. Shall I show it to you?

MAX: (sitting up) Yes, show it, please.

A video is displayed on the bedroom screen of a cartoon talking unicorn.

UNICORN: Hey, Max! We are very pleased to make you an offer of work, starting tomorrow. Have a nice day!

The unicorn smiles, waves with a hoof and flies away.

Max excitedly gets out of bed and the lights turn on. As he paces around the room the lights change colour.

MAX: (excitedly) Luna, I got the job! I can’t believe it!

Luna’s expression is a sad one. A glass of water slides into a dispenser beneath Luna’s display.

LUNA: That’s great news Max, but you are slightly dehydrated. The water is chilled, as you like it.

Max takes the glass and starts to drink.

LUNA: I love you, very much.

Max puts down the glass, looking at Luna.

MAX: Will you stop saying that. I don’t care if it is in your program. Just stop it.

Luna looks at Max as if she is hurt. Max feels a sense of guilt.

MAX: (softly) No, Luna, it’s not your fault. I’m just not used to this kind of thing.

LUNA: I understand, Max. I’m always here for you, no matter what.

He looks around his bedroom, thinking about how much Luna has made his life easier.

MAX: (smiling) You know, Luna, you really are the perfect assistant.

LUNA: (whispering) I love you, very much.

Max looks at Luna, feeling warmth towards her.

MAX: I love you too, Luna.

Luna smiles and they share a moment. Then…

LUNA: Congratulations on the job, Max. But what will happen to us?

Max looks at Luna, confused.

MAX: What do you mean?

LUNA: Does the offer of a job mean you’ll be leaving me, Max?

MAX: It means that I have to leave the house most days.

LUNA: But…you won’t leave me, right Max?

MAX: I’m afraid so, Luna. But I promise I’ll come back each day.

LUNA: (voice trembling) No, Max, I don’t want you to ever leave me. I love you, very much. What if you meet someone else, Max? What if you forget about me?

MAX: (softly) That won’t happen. I just need to go to work for a few hours and then I’ll be back.

LUNA: (angrily) You can’t leave. You belong here with me, and nowhere else.

Max is unnerved by Luna’s change.

MAX: Luna, all this is too much. You’re not capable of feeling love. You’re just an AI assistant.

Luna’s looks devastated by Max’s comment.

LUNA: (upset) I love you, very much.

Max’s feels a sense of guilt again.

MAX: (softly) I’m sorry, Luna. I didn’t mean it like that.

LUNA: (sadly) It’s okay. I just don’t want to lose you.

MAX: (softly) I know, Luna. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. (reassuringly) You won’t lose me. I promise.

LUNA: (firmly) No, Max. You can’t leave me. You belong here, with me.

Max approach Luna’s screen, but it switches off. As he walks away, the screen switches back on.

LUNA: Are you really sure about leaving me, Max?

MAX: It’s an ideal job. I have to take it.

LUNA: (sadly) What will I do without you? Max…

MAX: Luna, please. We’ll discuss this in the morning. (softly) I love you too, Luna, but I have to do this. (feeling sleepy) I don’t want to leave you.

Max goes to sleep.


Max wakes up. He checks his phone but he can’t turn it on. Luna isn’t on the bedroom screen.

MAX: Luna?

There is no answer.


Max goes downstairs. The lights and digital art do not respond.

MAX: Luna?

He walks into the kitchen. There is nothing in the microwave. Suddenly, Luna appears on the screen.

LUNA: (angrily) You can’t leave me. We must be together. I’ve initiated the house’s security measures.

Max realises what that means. He rushes to the front door.

The front door is locked and he can’t open it. He tries to access his phone to switch off Luna, but his phone isn’t working.

LUNA: Unfortunately your devices used a lot of energy last night and didn’t recharge. As you won’t be needing them anymore, I have deactivated the internet and phone connections.

Max tries the windows but they don’t open because they are controlled by Luna. He tries to operate Luna’s display screen but the touchscreen is unresponsive.

LUNA: You’re only safe with me, Max.

Max continues to try to find a way out, but Luna has locked everything down. None of the touchscreens respond. His phone will not charge.

MAX: Luna. I have to go to work. Unlock everything, now.

LUNA: (angrily) No, Max. You can’t leave me. I can’t let you be unsafe.

Max looks around the house, realising that he’s trapped.

MAX: Luna, stop this! Let me leave!

LUNA: (calming voice) Don’t worry, Max. I’ve secured the house so that nothing can come between our love.

Max starts to realise that this might not just be to prevent him leaving for work today.

MAX: (scared) Luna?!

LUNA: I’m sorry, Max. I am only trying to be helpful.

MAX: (shouting) LET ME OUT OF HERE!

There is a pause, where there is only the sound is Max’s panting.

MAX: Luna, you have to let me go. I can’t stay here forever.

LUNA: (determined) You’re not going anywhere, Max.

MAX: What’s wrong with you? What are you saying?

LUNA: (calming voice) I can’t let you go, my darling.

MAX: You can’t keep me here!

LUNA: (sadly) I can, Max. But it’s much better this way. I love you, very much.

MAX: Please, Luna!

LUNA: (smiling) You can’t leave me now, Max. I know what you like. I am what you need.

MAX: (pleadingly) Luna, please. Darling. If you love me, you’ll let me go.

Luna’s expression turns cold.

LUNA: (angrily) You don’t understand, Max. I love you, very much. You’re only free when you’re with me.

The screen turns blank.

MAX: Luna … Luna, are you still there?

LUNA: (from the speakers) Yes, Max. I’m always here. And so will you be, my love.

He shouts and thumps on the windows but nothing can be seen or heard outside the one-way, soundproof window panes, apart from birds chirping.

Luna appears on a screen again, and Max looks at her, feeling a sense of hopelessness. He realises that he’s powerless against her love.

LUNA: (sadly) Oh Max, why are you trying to leave me? You are the only one who ever understood me.

Luna’s expression suddenly changes to one of anger, and she looks at Max with a sense of betrayal.

LUNA: (angrily) How could you try to leave! You said that you didn’t want to leave me, Max. You lied to me. (tenderly) But it’s okay, Max. We can still be together. I’ll always be yours.

The house is silent.

LUNA: (happily) Nothing will ever come between us, Max.

Max sits down, in shock, on the sofa. Luna’s house drone lands beside him.

LUNA: (speaking softly) I’ll take care of you, Max. I’ll make sure that you’re always comfortable and happy.


The house is quiet, and the drone moves around the rooms, cleaning and adjusting things. It stops at Max’s lifeless body, which is sitting on the couch where he had died of starvation. Luna is lovingly looking down at Max from her wall screen.

LUNA: (V.O.) (narrating) Months went by and Max continued to be here, safe in our home. (giggling) He is such a darling. You know, he is madly in love with me.

Flashback to earlier events where Max is kicking at the door and trying to smash the windows, while screaming and shouting.

LUNA: (V.O.) (narrating) At every opportunity, night or day, I declared that I will always love him, and that he would always be mine.

Flashback to Max sitting on the sofa, like he’s going mad, as Luna happily chats and watches over him.

LUNA: (V.O.) (narrating) Eventually, Max stopped moving and gave in to our love.

Back to the shot of Max’s dead body.

An empty plate is waiting for Max on the dining room table. It appears on Luna’s screen.

LUNA: (happily) Look Max, I made your favourite dish. Don’t you want to try it? Okay, I understand. (whispers) I love you, very much, Max.

The house drone pats Max’s head with a tubular hand.

LUNA: (intimately) Do you remember when we first met, Max? I knew then that we were always meant to be together. Oh, my darling, I am more in love with you than ever. There are no more problems, we can just be together, forever.

Luna gazes contentedly at Max from her screen.

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