This Too Will Pass

Slipping and sliding, 
Commanding the tides - 
Bitter struggling against my mind. 
But nothing can last, 
This too will pass. 

Minds crashing and colliding - 
Anxiety, when dreaming away, 
Ignoring the lights. 
Night turns to day, day turns to night… 
The future's the past. 
Nothing ever lasts. (This too will pass.) 

In the stillness and the storm, 
Victory’s glowing so strong; 
It sinks down in the dark, 
Rising up to start again, 
To rust away again - 
To dust. 

In the end, 
Through pain and beauty, beauty and pain: 
Only love remains. 
No thing ever lasts; 
The past’s the past. 
Stories end, new dreams begin - 
Only love remains, 
Only love remains. 

Love moves the wind; 
Nothing stays the same - 
Floating away, away… 
With the end of the day: 
Only love remains, 
Only love remains. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

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