The touch of rain kisses the pain of you. 
To the bitter end, I will always be your friend. 
There's nothing I can do, 
Nowhere to be with you. 
On a hope and a prayer, 
On the edge of nowhere, 
I see you here in everything I do. 
I know I lost somehow - 
Before you took your vow, 
I knew that time would carry you away. 
Winter draws on but still I hold on, 
To thoughts of you - 
My heart is lost in time… 
I felt you here somehow; 
I knew you knew somehow; 
I feel for you in everything I do. 
I must leave you now, somehow. 
I need you to know: 
Somehow, I felt you here - 
Somehow, I knew you knew; 
Somehow, I must leave you now… 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

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