Not Enough

Sometimes a little is a lot; 
Sometimes cold is hot - 
You turn me off and turn me on 
And leave me here, now, 
Wanting more… 
I want you. 
No more! 
I bark, you bite, 
It’s too much. 
Not enough is too much; 
Not enough is where we begin. 
Old excuses of the past 
Rise and fade too fast. 
One night alone, with you, 
Is the end starting anew -  
Chasing you, out of breath, 
the last time, until the next time… 
Five thousand miles a day is: 
Not enough, 
Not enough - 
Too much of not enough. 
“You and me” will never be, 
And will always be, 
Not enough. 
Words and (some) Music by Robert Walker

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