Better Late Than Never

I know I should have been here long ago, 
but I lost my way; 
I lost my mind in circles around you; 
I'm sorry, so sorry. 
Maybe it was just another story about us, 
with words that swirl around you and me - 
Better late than never. 
You don't know I've been sinking in the moments 
of fear that hurt us; 
Fear stopped us, 
I lost us; 
I'm sorry, so sorry. 
I was out of sight, out of mind, miles behind, 
without a trace, fallen from grace - 
Better late than never together. 
Better late than never; 
In the end, we are together - 
Through time we find 
love is forever. 
Better late than never; 
Better together; 
Out of time we find 
love is forever; 
Together forever - 
Better late than never. 
Words and Music by Robert Walker

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