Rugby 10s – Variation

A version of Rugby Union I would like to see is:

  • 1 point for a conversion/penalty/drop kick.
  • 3 points for a try.
  • 10 players – remove 5 forwards, so only 3 player scrums and 2 player line-outs.
  • 10 permanent substitutions allowed.
  • 4 quarters of 20 minutes, with 10 minute intervals.

Tries are more exciting than penalties, and should have a higher relative points value than the current 5 to 3. A result where a team can score fewer tries but win the match doesn’t seem right to me.

8 player scrums are the worst, most boring part of the current game, taking ages to set and reset.

The players are currently big and chunky in order to smash their way through a congested pitch of tacklers. More space means an emphasis on speed, stamina, and skill.

More intervals and more substitutes means that a higher level of intensity can be maintained for the spectators.

Cricket has been experimenting with various formats; other sports could experiment too.

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